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Tasting good food keeps you happy, especially the foodies. Potbelly is a must-try eatery for people who love exploring new cuisines or eateries. In case you are one of the customers who have tried the food here in the recent past, you can take the survey and let the potbelly know your experience. Through the Potbellylistens survey, you can give valuable feedback to the potbelly and let them know how the food was and how was your experience visiting their eatery. Anyone who has visited this eatery can take part in the survey.

You have to log in to potbellylistens.com to participate in the survey and win exciting prizes. Knowing the areas of improvement helps potbelly to offer immaculate service to its customers going forward. It also has a chain of restaurants wherein it can bring new offers, add new menus based on the taste and preferences of its customers, and diversify the menu not just confining to one type of cuisine.

Potbellylistens Official Survey

Potbellylistens Survey

Potbelly Corporation is a restaurant that has a chain of restaurants in different places across the US offering submarine sandwiches and various other snack items that are delicious to taste. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Potbelly Customer Satisfaction Survey

Potbellylistens Official Survey


The most important aspect of what you get by spending your valuable time taking part in the survey is a free cookie with a sandwich on your next visit. However, you can grab this reward only after completing the survey. You will win a coupon after taking the Potbellylistens survey which you can redeem on your visit to this eatery.

Participating in the survey is not just for rewards, but is also a great opportunity for you to raise your complaints, concerns, suggestions, or feedback to the company if you observe any during your visit to the eatery. The precious thoughts that are shared would be helpful for the company to improvise and offer a better service going forward.

Rules to take part in the survey

The following are a few rules that you must abide by to take part in the Potbellylistens survey:

  • You must be a citizen of the United States
  • The survey is only for a single person per purchase
  • You should use the receipt within 72 hours of your purchase
  • Not the old purchase but a fresh purchase is required for you to grab the offer
  • You need to keep the receipt to redeem the offer on your next visit
  • You cannot claim the coupon for cash
  • You cannot transfer the offer to anyone else
  • A valid email ID is required to grab the discount and get the coupon code
  • The coupon must be used within 30 days of taking part in the survey
  • The survey cannot be taken by the employees, immediate family members of the employees, and staff members.
  • The offer expires within 14 days from the date on which you last visited the Potbelly eatery.
  • The survey is limited to only 1 person per receipt. There is only one free item that you can get per visit.

Potbellylistens.com pot belly listens customer satiscation survey


Following are the Potbellylistens survey requirements that everyone must meet to participate:

  • You need to have an invitation for the Potbelly survey
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish language
  • Computer or mobile device with access to the internet
  • Participants must be above 18 years of age
  • Should be able to recall the experience they had and give precise feedback

Procedure to take the survey

  1. First, you need to buy anything from the Potbelly restaurant and retain the receipt without disposing of it after stepping out of the restaurant in the trash.
  2. Visit this site, www.potbellylistens.com on the system
  3. Provide the 20-digit survey number that is given on the receipt
  4. Click start to take part in the Potbellylistens survey
  5. Start to answer the survey questions that are displayed on the screen
  6. Choose whether you have dined there or taken away the order
  7. Select the frequency at which you order from this restaurant
  8. Rate the satisfaction levels you have on the scale visiting this restaurant
  9. Rate the satisfaction levels you had on different categories such as service, menu, ambiance, cleanliness, food taste, and so on
  10. Give your answers in the survey honestly
  11. Once you finish giving all your answers, provide your email address
  12. Click submit to send your feedback on the survey to us
  13. You will soon receive the potbelly coupon code to your email ID
  14. Use this coupon on your next purchase by redeeming this at the cash counter and get a free cookie when you buy a sandwich.


Now that you have learned how to take a Potbellylistens survey in Potbelly. Have you been to the United States and visited this restaurant recently? Then why not give the survey and get a free cookie on your next visit by redeeming the coupon


Q1: Does it cost me to take part in the survey?

A: No, it just takes a few minutes of your time to participate in the customer satisfaction survey. Once you complete this Potbellylistens survey you can win the Potbelly coupon which you can utilize on your next visit.

Q2: What the survey contains?

A: If you have enjoyed visiting this place with your friends or family, then you can take the survey. The questions will be related to the service, food, ambiance, and pricing.

Q3: What is the purpose to conduct this survey?

A: The survey is conducted by Potbelly to learn about the customer experience, receive their valuable feedback and from the feedback, they take the areas of improvement to offer better quality service.

Q3: What prizes I can win for taking part in this survey?

A: You can win a free cookie with a sandwich or a free entrée purchase.